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Shukra Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is from Shri Skanda Purana. This Stotra recollects auspicious names of Shukra. Whosoever recites this Strotra receives blessings from Shukra. He is blessed with long life, money, happiness, putra (Son) and prosperity. It is advised to recite this strotra every day with concentration, devotion and faith if Shukra (Venus) is badly affected in the horoscope. Shukra if is in 6th, 8th or 12th house then it is called as badly placed. If Shukra is alongwith Mangal (Mars), Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Harshal then it may produce bad results. To avoid the bad effects of Shukra this Stotra is very effective. Hence try to recite it as advised above.

Bharadwaja is the rushi of Shri Shukra Stotra. Gayatri is the Chchanda. Shukra is the Davata (God) of this Stotra. To avoid all the bad effects from Shukra, I am reciting this stotra.
Shukra, Kavyaha, ShukraReta, Shuklambaradharaha, Sudhihi, Himabhaha, Kundadhavalaha, Shubramshu, ShuklabhuShaNaha are the auspicious names of Shukra.

2 nitidnyo (who knows good and bad), nitikrun (who always do right), nitimargagami (who always follow the right path), Grahadipaha (Leader of the planets), Ushana, ved, vedangaparagaha (who has got knowledge of Vedas and who is expert in it), Kavi (poet), Atmavit are the auspicious names of Shukra.

3 Bhargavaha, KaruNaSindhu (very kind), Dnyanagamya, Sutaprada all these are Shukras auspicious names.
4 Whosoever recites these names by remembering Shukra receives blessings from Shukra and lives a long life, becomes happy, receives ample of money, wealth, prosperity and real knowledge is bestowed upon him by Shukra.

Thus here completes Shukra Stotra which is from Skanda Purana.

English Script of Shukra Stotram is available on my following blog
Sanskrit Stotra in Devanagiri Font is available on my following blog

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